The Outcast

The Outcast: What Mary Gave Up

Read Luke 10:38-42 Short version: Martha and Mary are sisters. Martha invited Jesus and gang for dinner. Instead of serving, Mary sits at Jesus’ feet. Martha gets frustrated with tasks and goes to Jesus – to get Martha to work. What Jesus says to her are words we need to hear also. “Martha, Martha,” the […]

Discipleship Journal

Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 37

Mt 12:38-50; Acts 18:1-17; Ps 29; Ex 16-18 The overarching theme is God’s provision. It’s not just God’s provision, but His Timing. It is all about God’s Timing. It’s not asking “if” He will provide, but trusting Him–knowing that God definitely will provide! Our task needs to be trusting Him: really trusting Him! So often, […]


12.30.11-The Practice of the Presence of God

I received a book that I had ordered in the mail today. It is exactly what I needed to hear at the moment I needed to hear it. I need to worship God with my infirmities. I need to worship God even in my moments of pain or shear exhaustion. Here is just a bit […]