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Transforming Truths {{POTF}}


Welcome to Pressing On Toward Faithfulness! This is an eight week study focused on going through the books of Titus and 1-2 Timothy in a slower pace, which will allow us to catch glimpses of these important truths and dwell on them.

As we dwell on these important God given truths, we are given the opportunity to see what they mean for our lives.

Memory Verse –

Each week, my hope is to give us a memory verse. Even if you are like me and aren’t sure you can memorize a Scripture, let’s jot down these verses on an index card and make them an important part of our day. As we focus on these verses and what they mean for us, God will change us through this process.

Use Your Personal Bible –

For this week, my goal is to focus on Titus 2:1. However. . . In order to grasp the depth and significance of this verse, let’s also look at verse 8. I encourage you to read, study, and focus upon this verse (or these verses) using your own personal Bible. Ideally, I will read, meditate (look upon and focus intently), and cherish these truths using the wording given through my personal Bible. But for today’s post, I am using a clearer way of wording (a different translation, but it’s still fully God’s Word).

There are many new translations being added to websites, so my goal in this study (and future) is – to not share lightly using other translations. I want to make sure what I share is biblically sound and correct.

Here we go!

Let’s jump into this week’s memory verse. It is better to start late than to call it quits. God’s Word is far too important to hold onto an “all or nothing” approach, when it comes to ingesting the Words of Life we desperately need to hear.

But you are to proclaim things consistent with sound teaching (Titus 2:1, CSB).

Your message is to be sound beyond reproach, so that any opponent will be ashamed, because he doesn’t have anything bad to say about us (Titus 2:8).

Our Teachings –

Friends, we need to consider what we are teaching others. Now you might be thinking, “Me?! But, I am not a pastor or even a teacher. . .”

Each day, our lives can reveal the teachings of Christ and His transformative work in our lives. In Titus 2:1-8, we are urged to live the beauty of the Gospel each day. In our relationships, behavior, and circumstances, we can impact lives. Even if we aren’t serving outside the home, we are deeply impacting lives and sharing the Gospel.

Friends, how closely is your beliefs lining up with the teachings of the Bible?

When we live out our beliefs, it changes lives. Choosing to place our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ will radically change our lives, and one of the results is – others will see how we are being changed from the inside – out. As we are changed and practice what we “preach,” our enemies will not be able to say anything bad about us.

In this world, we will come across many people who absolutely hate us for one thing or another. Even so, I have witnessed how the Lord changes hearts. He can turn absolute enemies into the best of friends. This is referred to as the “ministry of reconciliation (see 2 Cor. 5:16-21),” and one of the most beautiful gifts we are given by our Lord. This is the beautiful of the Gospel. We can go from God’s enemies to being called His sons and daughters!

Image by Kyle Glenn.

Until next time,


Inspiring Women (05/17)

Soul Tied {Inspiring Women}

Hi friends! For the months of May/June, we will be using a reading plan given to us by Sweet to the Soul Ministries. Feel free to stroll through their Facebook page and blog. They even have a journaling kit and Bible study for this month’s plan.

Yesterday I underwent a medical test, and my body shared its unwellness with me and others. While the outcome of my test is unknown, I am reminded of the eternal hope found in our risen Lord Jesus Christ.

The woman left her water jar beside the well and ran back to the village, telling everyone, “Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did! Could he possibly be the Messiah?” (John 4:28-29, NLT)

The hope of Jesus Christ remains strong, despite our earthly circumstances. Friends, we can become women who are made complete in Jesus Christ.

This Woman

Jesus spoke with a woman, known only by her past sins. Jesus offered her the same gift He offers to us – eternal hope, forgiveness of our sins, and an identity of being His!

We know. . . God loves you and has chosen you to be his own people (1 Thess. 1:4).

Jesus met her in the unlikely place. As she searched for drinking water, her soul finally found what it was searching for: Jesus Christ, the One who cleanses us and redefines our identity – based on who He is.

She didn’t know what {or who} was waiting for her, as she went to the well. This heavy hearted woman went to the well at noon time, which was an ideal time to gather water without the presence and chatter of other women. She knew the glances well, because everyone knew she was a woman with a scandalous past.

This precious woman left behind her past, as her satisfied soul lept for joy and entered an exclusive relationship with Jesus.

From this moment on, she would stop running from others. She would quit forcing her eyes to look no further than the sandals on her feet. Instead of hiding away like an embarrassment to God and others, she did something quite different:

She became a woman whose heart was found in Jesus, her Savior, and told others about the God they had to come and see for themselves.

We have our own past, but remember Jesus can use these moments and bring glory to the Father. While I don’t know your story, I know our Lord. He can bring a testimony out of our mess, and fill it with His eternal hope.

During my test, all I could do is pray in the presence of distractions and remember “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. . . to Him we belong. . . They are weak, but He is strong.”.

Remember, friends. Souls tied to King Jesus can leap for joy and have a desire to tell others about Him. How can we tie our souls to His?

Let us spend time in prayer and worship.

Image by Megan Murray.

In Christ,


BookLook Reviews

“Contagious Disciple Making” Review

Contagious Disciple-MakingI found this book to be very edifying. In this book, David and Paul describe how we can make disciples. In our Christian culture, there are a significant amount of barriers that affect how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is received. Instead of sharing the Gospel of Christ in a way that other cultures can understand, we allow what could be called “Christian-ese” to get in the way. Our Christian culture or what can be called our brand of Christianity (or the way we live out the Scriptures), gets in the way when we place traditions on the same level as the very Word of God.

Though our intent is to share the Gospel of Jesus with others, we can make it overwhelming for us and those we approach. Our culture can make it about religion versus making it about a relationship with Jesus. It’s not that we intend for it to happen, but these are barriers that we need to diligently consider as we seek to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our actions should bring the Gospel to others, so they can fall in love with Jesus – and allow Him to define the culture in which they worship our Savior. They may worship Him differently than we would consider, but it is how they are obeying the Word of God. Though it may be different from us, it is not wrong.

One thing stuck out to me, as I read through this book…

“Part of the job of the cross-cultural witness is to eliminate the cultural aspects of his or her own understanding of doctrine and practice and to help those in the host culture discover biblically acceptable ways of expressing their own love, devotion, and worship… “

We need to go back to what it is about: Sharing Jesus, and allow the other person to discover Him for themselves. He will lead them different, as they seek to follow Him and obey His Word. We can trust, knowing the Holy Spirit will lead them.

I am still working through this book, but I would highly recommend it to others who are interested in cross-cultural ministry. I would advise that it is a book that one would likely read if involved in a ministry-related course at an university. Also I would take into consideration that the level writing is higher, because it is like a book one would read at a ministry-based university course. There was lack of Scriptures in this book, which surprised me… Perhaps there is more toward the end of the book. With that said, I gave it four stars.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through BookLook’s blogger review program, in exchange for a honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Reviews Tyndale

Journey of Jesus

Journey to Jesus curriculumWe all probably know someone of the Muslim faith. We are more aware that others have a different faith than the one we have: our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. What if we built these relationships, to glorify God and help others know more about Jesus the Christ? I received a free copy of this DVD curriculum by Tyndale, and I want to share it with all of you.

Journey to Jesus is a DVD curriculum that is geared toward equipping the Church to minister to nonbelievers—specifically Muslims. This resource’s purpose is to help us. It helps us to know how to better interact with our Muslim classmates, coworkers, and neighbors. It helps us to understand how we can reach a place of interacting with them, in an impactful way. In this DVD set, we can experience how others have interacted with Muslims in their specific situations and we can learn from them.

In this resource, there are 6 sessions of growing and learning. In each session, there is a video clip and teaching slide show. Both are used to equip us as believers, to know how to “give an answer to all who ask the reason for our hope” (1 Peter 3:15). I like the format that the curriculum offers. There is first a video clip, followed by the lesson of being taught. We are taken through our attitudes toward those of different faiths, understanding Muslim beliefs and culture, and  understanding how we can share our faith with devout Muslims.

What if we set witnessing and relationship building to a higher level of priority? God has placed us right where we are, for a reason. We can be a light for Jesus right where we are, and use our relationships to help others come to know the Lord Jesus. Evaneglizing may be a bit out of our comfort zones, but most things are out of our comfort zones. Those things, generally, are the most worthwhile. Aren’t they? We can take a step or two of faith, build relationships, and be His witnesses that impact those who come from different faiths.

I think Journey to Jesus has arrived at the appropriate hour. We need to know how to witness to our Muslim neighbors. We need to have resources such as these, to equip us. This teaching will aid us in our efforts to try and shine our light for the Lord, in our communities as we interact with those who we see as different from us. God will be glorified in each aspect of it from being taught to go out to build relationships. I hope this curriculum will touch lives, and change others. I hope it will impact the world, so that many will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Bible Reviews Reviews Tyndale

The Life- A Teen Bible-Zine

The Life is the Bible and Gospel message in magazine form. It is designed for teens that are interested in eternity and seeking out a relationship with Jesus Christ. It helps teens learn about Jesus right where they are. It’s for the spiritually curious.  I think if you were to give a teen this kind of Bible-zine, they would likely read it. It is still the Bible. It is God’s precious Word and of so much value! But, it would meet the teen where they are. Exactly where they are. It is colorful and compact, which means it is great for them: to stick in their pockets, their backpacks, or to carry it in their hand as they go wherever they need to go (from sports practice, school, or their friend’s house).

The most important part of any book is its Table of Contents, for it tells their reader where they are headed in their reading journey. For this, it is of such great importance. The Table of Contents, it takes the readers through:

  • A. Jesus encounters with others
  • B. Jesus’ message isn’t about easy religion
  • C. Jesus’ death and resurrection
  • D. Learning what it means to remain in Jesus
  • E. The Holy Spirit coming onto ordinary people.
  • F. The Choice

The most important thing we can do, is to realize our need for Jesus and accept God’s Son Jesus Christ into our hearts and life. This book enables teens and others who choose to read it that God cares for them. God has sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for their sins and rose from the grave. It is because of God’s love for us. God isn’t done with us. God wants to take our lives, and make our every breath count. God wants us to know how much He loves us. He wants us to know that all of our lives are intertwined with His, and He wants us to experience Him every moment. Just as we experiencing breathing all day long, we can experience God all day long and every day! <3

This Bible-zine has been provided by Tyndale in exchange for a honest review.