Choosing Jesus: The Sabbath Truth

Our willingness to stop and participate in Sabbath, is a choice. It doesn't depend on how much of my check-list I have accomplished by Thursday or Friday afternoon. The choice of celebrating Sabbath, is the same choice we make on Christmas - when we anxiously await the opportunity to open the gifts given to us … Continue reading Choosing Jesus: The Sabbath Truth


Mother’s Day Special – “Grace Leads”

Okay, are you guys ready for this one?!? For this weekend only, "Grace Leads" is only $3.99 for the kindle. That's right. $3.99 for a five week Bible study¬†on the incredible, AMAZING grace of God!! Here's the link: While you are ordering your own copy, would you do me a favor? Share the word … Continue reading Mother’s Day Special – “Grace Leads”