God Never Gets Tired {{Week 4}}

I just finished writing our last devotion, for week 3. It is official. We begin our last week of our Isaiah 40 study. It has been a good journey. God has shown me a lot about Himself, His character, and even myself. I am thankful for this journey. I hope it has drawn you closer to the Lord.…… Continue reading God Never Gets Tired {{Week 4}}

Adrenaline at 2 A.M.

The last few nights, I haven’t been getting to sleep until well after midnight. Yesterday, it wasn’t until after 2am. Wanna guess what time it is? It is 2:12 in the morning. Wanna know why I am still up? I go to bed thinking about writing, editing, and the beautiful possibilities in store. Which brings…. adrenaline.…… Continue reading Adrenaline at 2 A.M.

A Thursday’s Broken Prayer

There’s gotta be more…to pray. Something other than, “Lord, I’m tired”. Where are the prayers I had yesterday, of spiritual things, things of great importance. Yesterday, I began a new Bible study. It was absolutely amazing. What I am reminded of is things of yesterday don’t necessarily mean that’s how today is gonna be. I…… Continue reading A Thursday’s Broken Prayer