Stepping into 1 Corinthians

Stepping into 1 Corinthians SCHEDULE

Our newest study begins on Monday! Can you believe it? It is almost here!! I am super excited to get started. My physical health is in flare mode, so I may be quieter than my preference during this study. But, we are going to do the Bible study and see what the Lord decides to do in our lives. He will do something beyond marvelous!

So my blog posts may be significantly shorter than normal. The grammar may not resemble someone of my background. But, I want for us to see what the Lord our God is going to do in our midst.

Our Lord Jesus Christ stands ready to meet us here, and may we choose to say “yes Lord”. May we come and bring whatever we have to offer in an absolutely intentional manner.

The goal today is to bring you our schedule. Now here is the thing: Each week, our Facebook page is going to have a discussion question. It will be posted Sunday or Monday – so be on the lookout if you are on Facebook!

Our first blog post for this study likely won’t happen until the end of the new week. My original goal was to have it posted on Tuesday. But, sometimes things change.

Now for our schedule ♥.

Also: The manuscript journal might make a great addition if you are a note taker with little room in your Bible (like me! I really need to find my manuscript journal, it would make this time soo much more fruitful. Plus: it’s a keepsake for the many weeks I spend in this study.)

For more details on the study itself, click here.

In Christ who is our Anchor and Forever Hope,


Update of Sorts (& New Study)

Hi friends!

I have missed a few prearranged “deadlines” for our Scripture Writing posts, so I thought I would pop in and give an update.

My health has taken a different turn, making it more difficult to keep up with things on this much-loved blog. Bear with me, as I work toward catching up on the study and find things to share.

As of this moment, we will be starting a brand new Scripture Writing study. Preferably, the study won’t begin until January. I know others take off December from Bible studies, at times, but this is not the reason for the delay in kicking off our new study. By waiting until January to begin the study, it will allow me to have the time needed to begin enjoying the study in advance – and – to have more to share with you all.

The new study, will begin in January. But, it will be a different format concerning the blog. Ideally, this will mean setting up the expectation to only write one blog post per week. More than likely, I would blog 2-3 times a week – depending on the health stuff and my schedule.

I have two to three journal ideas, so I will not release the study topic (or New Testament book) yet. Most of them are nine week long studies. The study will be released on Amazon for purchase.

Be on the look out for future updates on our new study. My hope is to eventually catch up on our study. I am soo proud of us. We are on week 8 of our study. That is amazing! Our study is only nine weeks long, so we are almost at the finish line. But, the learning doesn’t stop there.

We are given the joy, through the Holy Spirit, to implement our learning experience – into our life with Christ.

Let’s begin thinking about all God has been teaching us these past few months. The past few months, has been an amazing journey for me. I hope it has for you. We have deliberately studied in small portions –

Now, to see what is next! I appreciate everyone’s prayers, as I continue to move forward in seeing what God has in store for my health, life, and yes this blog too.

~ Stacey

Experiencing the Beauty of... Isaiah 40

The Beauty of Isaiah 40 {{Week 1}}

Welcome, friends!

We are beginning to study Isaiah 40, this week. I do hope you will join me, in this study. Today, I wanted to lay out “the plans” for this week’s study. Laying out the plans are important, but knowing why we are studying is even more important. So, let’s begin there.

The Purpose of this Study

Studying the Word of God is such an exciting experience!

As we study the Word of our Risen Lord, we are positioning ourselves to hear from the Lord God Almighty! We are putting ourselves in the most wonderful place, because God is the One who can change everything!

Do you struggle with who you are, dealing with crummy circumstances you cannot see past, and left in this state of wonder about your purpose in life? Me too, so let’s get to our studying – so we can discover the heart of our Creator and learn the answers to many of our questions!

Intentional studying

I don’t know about you, but this is why I am choosing to study Isaiah 40 over the next four weeks.

My plan for this study is to stay profoundly connected to this study, using this blog and social media facets. It is a Monday through Friday – kind of study. I am using my weekends, to catch-up or review what God has been teaching me all week long. Perhaps, some of those weekend moments will even include a deeper study on one of the things God has shown me.

This Week’s Schedule

This week, we will be covering Isa. 40:1-8. I want us to deliberately seek after God and His heart. I encourage you all to grab the study journal and use it to just write out your thoughts on paper. This is a valuable resource, that you can review all that God has taught you through this four week study!

Isaiah 40:1-2

Isaiah 40:3-5

Isaiah 40:6

Isaiah 40:7

Isaiah 40:8

The Weekend
Review//Go Deeper (if there’s time).

As we set aside a special time to meet God in His Word, we can be assured of one thing – God will show up in a big way! God is going to love us, meet with us, reveal His power and wonder, and show us how He can work in our lives.

My hope is to blog 2-3 times this week, as we set our eyes on Jesus and get to know Him through His Word! So make sure to check back, for new posts.

Our study in Isaiah 40, is four weeks long. After our Isaiah study, we are diving right into Gleaning From The Heart of Jesus – which explores the truths of Matthew 4-7. Click here to purchase this specialized journal for this nine week study. (Please note: When you use this link for any purchase, my blog receives a small earning as an Amazon Affiliate.)

We begin study Isaiah 40 on Monday. Stay tuned! If you use Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, be sure to follow Gracefully Overcoming to join in the fun.

~ Stacey

Psalm 119

Psalm 119:21-24

Ps 119-21-24

David’s Prayer

God has corrected those who are infected with arrogance. David, not only acknowledges this, he goes on in his prayer to his Maker – to say they are cursed. It’s not too hard to see, because we know what happened in Genesis 3. When we disobeyed God, we brought curses on ourselves. Sin is costly. In David’s prayer, he points out what happens when we become prideful people.

The Truth About Pride

When we begin to live for ourselves,we stray away from God.

“You rebuke the arrogant; those who wander
from your commands are cursed (vv. 21, NLT, emphasis mine).”

The root of pride is what happens inwardly. It starts before there are outward signs of pride. In our hearts, we refuse to submit to God and somehow think our ways are better than His. This is what happens when we become people of arrogance.

Those, infected with pride, experience the cost of rejecting God and His commands. It is a high cost. We know sin brings death and turns us into God’s enemies. Instead of being a friend of God, we have gone to the otherside – becoming His enemies.

David’s Protection

David’s prayer is focused on seeking God’s protection from such people. David wanted God to be his shield against such people. Which brings up a new, important truth. When we refuse God and His Word, we not only hurt ourselves, we hurt God and His people. Sin not only costs us, but it grieves the heart of God and hurts those around us.

As a result of Noah’s sinful generation, God was heavily grieved (see Gen. 6:6). He grieves when we reject Him. He loves us to such an extent that He sent His Son to pay a price that wasn’t His to pay (see John 3:16).

God loves + we reject Him = God grieves, just as we do when we are rejected.

God’s Greatest Desire

God’s greatest desire is to walk in fellowship with Him. We were made to be in a close-knitted relationship with God. The kind of relationship we see here between David and his Creator. This is what God wants us to experience. He wants us to “draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.”

Are we willing to invest in our relationship with God, our Creator?
Are we willing to submit to God, and draw near to Him?

We must decide if we will become people who are infected with pride or invested in our relationship with God. We need to ponder how invested God has continually shown Himself to be – in regards to us. Will we be infected or invested?

David’s Plea

David makes a plea before God, that the reproach and contempt would be far removed from him. Just as the stone is rolled away on the third day, David prayerfully pleas that God would roll away the scorn and contempt (springing from evil) that is placed in his life. While others breath evil, David continues to plant his feet at the seat of Christ. He continually seeks God’s face in all he says and does.

“… for I have kept thy testimonies (vv. 22, KJV).”

In our lives, what sources of scorn and contempt are there?
How are we bringing them to the throne of God?

David faced contempt against the leaders of his day “see vv. 23). Yet, he sought God. He prayed. He knew this truth before it was written in what is now the Bible.

“… let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God.
There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace
to help us when we need it most (Heb. 4:16, NLT).”

God gives us the assurance of His promise to continually be our everything. He promises to be there, and give us the help we need the exact moment we need it. Will we bring our needs to “the throne of our gracious God.”

David’s Pleasure

Despite the obstacles David faced, his hope remained in God. Instead of fixating on what was going wrong in his life, he brought it before our great God. He brought it before the Lord, and stayed immersed in the Word of God!

David calls the testimonies, his delight!

Every day we are given 24 hours, how are we using those hours to make God and His Word our delight?

Not only is God’s Word the one thing we need to listen to, we need to be like David – calling the Word our counselors (see vv. 24). Instead of trying to get help from his friends or other leaders, who would of used their influence to sway him from God’s path, David sought out God. He knew to be careful where he turned for advice, because others don’t love God like he did. This is wisdom we, too, need to take to heart.

God’s Word needs to be the place where we run. Not solely in times of distress. God’s Word needs to be where we run daily. We need to make His Word our lifelong guide.

The Best Yes

Run with Purpose

phil 2-16Are we holding fast to the Word of God?

In the Amplified translation, it is a bit different:

Holding out [to it] and offering [to all men] the Word of Life, so that in the day of Christ I may have something of which exultantly to rejoice and glory in that I did not run my race in vain or spend my labor to no purpose.”

Are we living out our life, holding to His truth, and offering that same truth to others? Or, do we allow other things to get in the way? Even in hard times when we think a different approach to something could be made, we need to hold even tighter to the Word of God, His Grace, and what all of the Bible has to teach us. The more time we spend in prayer and studying the Word- the more we can share His love and Truth with those around us.

Resolve to hold to His truth. It isn’t about what we think is right. It has to be about God’s Word. It has to be about sharing God’s Word with others. We need to investigate what the Bible has to teach us, so we can know God’s stand on the stuff we face. God has the answer!

Here are just a few important truths that I know I need to focus more on.

  • Leaving my understanding to the side.
  • Putting arguments aside
  • Keep God’s Word at the center.

To me, these are things that truly matter. So often, it can be easy to throw our opinions out at people. Often, without any consideration of how they may feel about it. It needs to be about more: We need to place God’s Word above our understanding and opinions.

The second part of this Scripture is equally important as the first. Why, do these things? Why, try to limit sharing my opinion? Why, put His Word first? Why, keep the arguments aside? Simply put, it is for the glory of God! 

We run now and give God our best in every area, because He is worthy! At the end of my life, I want to be able to have something to show for it. I want to make my life to count. God has given me so much. I want to make sure that I am not foolishly wasting it (my time, gifts, sphere of influence, etc). I want to make sure that I am wise in my decision-making, and running the race that God has set me on. Are we running with no purpose? We must run with purpose, running to give God the glory and honor as we seek to live an obedient life. In our God-given assignments, let it be for Him.

As we seek wisdom and discerning our best yes, let us remember this truth:

“… So that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ (Phil. 1:10).”