Sabbath Spiritual Disciplines

New Series: The Power of Spiritual Disciplines

I have been reflecting on choices that could have radically changed my life. A choice, turned into another, and another, and… Well, you get the point. When we make deliberate choices to seek and honor God with our lives, unbelievable things happen! How much spiritual and relational growth do I want to see by my […]

Spiritual Disciplines

Practice of Written Scripture

When I was in elementary school, teachers had a tendency of giving students sentences to write. If you did (or didn’t do) x, y, and z, then you got to write 10 sentences (for example) during recess. I was one of those off-balanced children who loved to write sentences. Sentence writing has great purposes, and […]



Taking some time away to reboot all thingsĀ me. So if you see a decline in posts or an extra amount of posts from me in the near future, this is why. I haveĀ several things I know I want to do. – Tons I want to read (accumulating a list) – Refocus. – Much to be […]