The Joy of Philemon {& Studying Jude}

Somewhere toward the middle of May, I decided I wanted to take action to ensure that I would be in the Word of God. I know how I get when summer hits. I get unfocused. I have the potential to kinda veer off the path as far as my routines and disciplines go. I knew…… Continue reading The Joy of Philemon {& Studying Jude}

Coming Soon: Walking Into The Light

For quite a while, I have wanted to study the book of Ephesians. It’s been an ongoing desire of mine. To study the book of Ephesians. Yet, I keep putting it off… I keep putting it off, because I want to study it in an in-depth way. I want to look at each piece of…… Continue reading Coming Soon: Walking Into The Light

Choosing Jesus: Choosing Transformation

One of the rules I want my life to be governed by, is a life of participating in Sabbath. Its benefits far exceed its risks of maintaining an overly busy lifestyle. This is a choice I make. Some weekends, that choice is more difficult to maintain. But, it is still a choice. In Order to…… Continue reading Choosing Jesus: Choosing Transformation

Choosing Jesus: Thanksgiving Edition 2015

Today, is Thanksgiving. We know there is one big component that should characterize our day – our week. Giving Thanks. In other words, joy. gratitude. celebration. coming together in unity with our loved ones. These would sum up the past three weeks of spiritual disciplines – Celebration Gratitude Holy Communion How can we go about…… Continue reading Choosing Jesus: Thanksgiving Edition 2015

Choosing Jesus: Gratitude

After a few weeks hiatus, this is the week we return to our “Choosing Jesus” series. This is the second spiritual discipline in our Sabbath series, which is on gratitude. It is only nature that gratitude would proceed celebration. These two disciplines really go together. While it is November, gratitude isn’t reserved for solely this…… Continue reading Choosing Jesus: Gratitude