Truth in Trials

Trials Tuesday: Our Position in Christ (and WHY We win!)

Last “Trials Tuesday” post, I wrote: “This world will try to compete with the riches of Christ, but they can’t. The devil can attempt to tempt us with his schemes and shiny things, but they are nothing.” The best kind of riches we will ever experience are those in Christ! But, the key is – […]


Prayer: of Protection

Lord, I need Your protection. I know there are attacks underway. I know You as my Comforter and the One who gives me what I need when I need it. Please, make Yourself known to me as the Protector. The One who watches over my life, and keeps harm from my path. Protect me from […]

My Heart

Mid-Day Conversation

I wonder what would happen if I could literally hear my Creator and God conversing with the Devil about me. Imagine, based on knowing God and His love for me through His Word, it would go something like this: Yahweh (God): “Have you considered my servant, Stacey?” Satan (the accuser): (laughs) “HER? Oh come on, you gotta […]