The Overcomer Life

How Did I Get From There to Here?

I am missing a great group of friends tonight. Friends I had the privilege of serving with. It was only for a year, but seems much longer. That happens when you serve with a  certain group multiple days in a week’s time, and they were part of your core group of Christ-centered friends. For a while […]

The Best Yes

For the Sake of Love

Last night, I just struggled. When we are in the midst of serving, sometimes we struggle. Our attitude deflects what we want it to be about, which is the love of Christ. We can be filled with complaints, frustrated, or just struggling in a different way. Maybe, we just had a bad day or our […]

Compassion Journal Spiritual Gifts Truth in Trials


I want to serve in my local church body. The question actually isn’t “how”. The more permanent question would probably be “how do I avoid beating up myself for my different “able” abilities?” With the body weakness it’s hard to commit to anything, yet I know God has a purpose and a specific way He […]