Spiritual Disciplines

Practice of Written Scripture

When I was in elementary school, teachers had a tendency of giving students sentences to write. If you did (or didn’t do) x, y, and z, then you got to write 10 sentences (for example) during recess. I was one of those off-balanced children who loved to write sentences. Sentence writing has great purposes, and […]

Chronic Illness Galatians 5:16-26

Galatians Challenge: Week 2

Recap: Last week, I felt led to focus intently on Galatians 5:16-26 for the next several weeks. This week was all about Galatians 5:16. “So I say to you, walk by the Spirit – then you will not gratify the desires of your sinful nature.” I ended up switching the Bible translation for the sake […]

Insight The Best Yes

Awkward but Divine Appointments

I am weary. I am broken. I am socially awkward. I take more demands than I ought to. I often people-please. We come to the Lord with this list of what we are. God sees all that we are, and He pours His love over us! We come weary, broken, tired, overloaded, and just wondering what […]


May 26-June 1 {Goals}

 I want to get back on track with having specific goals for a given week, to help me to be more productive. Not just in “getting stuff done”, but also in deliberately seeking God and being more about Him in everything I do and also being more driven in my prayer life and seeking God […]