Setting the Right Goal {POTF}

I recently rearranged my bedroom, which has me really excited! Whenever I get a new “space” to sit and be with Jesus, it always has this effect on me.¬† It’s a new place to just sit with my Lord Jesus, and draw near to Him. It’s a happy moment. A new gift to unopen in…… Continue reading Setting the Right Goal {POTF}

Psalm 17 {Summer ’17}

These past few weeks, I haven’t been able to write like I usually do. Life has become difficult, but I am moving forward. I may be behind in my Summer Psalms study, but it’s okay. It is okay, that it might take much longer than anticipated. It’s about the journey. Some journeys take longer than…… Continue reading Psalm 17 {Summer ’17}

Online Ephesians Study {{Starts June 25}}

Hey friends! My laptop just got out of the shop. Soooo, I can finally¬†fill you in on the really official details of our study. We are going to be studying the book of Ephesians, right here on the blog. I am soo excited to study this book, and am inviting you all to join me!…… Continue reading Online Ephesians Study {{Starts June 25}}

The Joy of Philemon {& Studying Jude}

Somewhere toward the middle of May, I decided I wanted to take action to ensure that I would be in the Word of God. I know how I get when summer hits. I get unfocused. I have the potential to kinda veer off the path as far as my routines and disciplines go. I knew…… Continue reading The Joy of Philemon {& Studying Jude}

Coming Soon: Walking Into The Light

For quite a while, I have wanted to study the book of Ephesians. It’s been an ongoing desire of mine. To study the book of Ephesians. Yet, I keep putting it off… I keep putting it off, because I want to study it in an in-depth way. I want to look at each piece of…… Continue reading Coming Soon: Walking Into The Light