The Power of God Has Come

Mark 1:1-15

IF I were to place a tagline for this portion of Scripture, it would be, The Power of God Has Come.

Throughout these set of verses, we see God acting. We see God declaring who He truly is.

The question isn’t “Is God working?”. But, the real question is – “How am I stopping to take notice of the power of God?” We need to give our lives a pause button, so we can hear God speak to us. God isn’t One to compete with the voices of this world. We need to take time to set everything else on pause for a time, and just hear God speak into our midst. Into our circumstances. Into our hearts. It begins with choosing to be still, and listen when God speaks.

The Power…

When we begin grasp the power of God and trust Him, it changes everything!

When we take the time to pause and seek God, He will show us His true character. The one that cannot be put into a box of any sort.

I love the story of revival in these pages of Scripture. The story of hearts coming into knowing their Creator. The story of turning from sin, and entering the community of God. God is the One who can change everything.

Soak It Up

Give Mark 1:1-15 a read tonight. Who knows? I just might pop in, to share some more on why I love this passage so much!

Head over to Bible Gateway for the Scripture (or grab your closest Bible).

Take the time to slowly read this passage of Scripture. Where do you see God working? How is He challenging the people’s hearts? And, finally, how is He challenging your own heart?


Today is Day One (A NetGalley Review)

Day OneI am so excited to bring this devotional to you all this evening. Even more, I am excited about having this kind of devotional on my kindle ‘shelf’ to help me to stay encouraged. Like many of you, I have goals for the new year.

As hard as it is to believe, the new year is almost upon us. Each year, we each have our lists of things we want to accomplish. We have many “day one’s” each year. By that, I mean, there are things we commit to doing each year. But, we just seem to get stuck.

As humans, we just get stuck sometimes. Scripture reminds us that we are willing, but [our] body is weak (see Mt. 26:41),” and then we are reminded that we “do not understand what [we] do. For what [we] want to do [we] do not do, but what [we] hate [we] do (see Rom. 7:15).” But, we have help. We find the answer we search for.

Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, is the One who enables us to turn day one into year two. He is how our lives get turned around, to where they should be, as we are filled with the wonder of God our Savior. He is our Deliverer (see Rom. 7:25)!

The Devotional

This 180 day devotional helps us remember where to turn, when we find ourselves lacking and in need. God promises to be our everything. He is our strength, when we don’t think we can step into day two. He is still there, when all others have seemed to bailed on us. He gives us… BRAND NEW BEGINNINGS! That’s what this is about, stepping into God’s new beginnings for our lives. Are you ready? I am.

In this devotional, we aren’t solely taught about the Word of God. God’s Word breathe over others’ lives, and we get to hear their stories about how God has acted on their behalf. The testimonies in this book, are amazing and heartfelt. Three things this devotional has taught me:

  1. We are not alone.
  2. God is with us.
  3. We can overcome the craziest of obstacles, because of the greatness of our God.


When we pick up a devotional like this one, we aren’t just finishing a book. Instead, we are allowing God into the deepest parts of our hearts and minds. These first days, aren’t spent alone,  but we are allowing ourselves to be transformed by the power of God.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through Net Galley. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Celebrate

Five-Minute-Friday-4-300x300Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Minute Friday! This week’s theme is “celebrate”. To learn more about Five Minute Friday, please visit Kate’s blog for more details… Each week, a community of bloggers come together with the common goal is to spend five unedited minutes to write on a topic (although if I am in a groove like today, I spend a bit more than 5 minutes).

I have something to celebrate.

God is reviving my heart in so many exciting ways. It’s just so amazing to see what happens, as I lead a more obedient life. Not that I was disobedient, per se. When you have a laptop and WiFi in your possession, it can be easy to allow your walk with God to become more distracted than we might realize.

We have these great ways to use technology to help us grow closer to God.

But sometimes, it just doesn’t turn out that way – as expected.

Motives are good, but the outcome –  not so good.

My Celebration!

If you follow my blog regularly, you might remember last week – I said yes to letting go of my “main” Facebook. This is the Facebook where all my friends, old contacts, family, etc are. It’s filled with people. But, here’s the thing: I have realized I don’t actually talk to any. No deep connections are being made. People haven’t felt a desperate need to contact me.

The God-Send!

I don’t even miss it.


I don’t miss it.

When I left that Facebook (okay, technically I signed out for 2 out of 3 devices), I felt relief. It felt like a job. “I have to be on there” or the famous “someone might need me.” Okay, it has been 2 weeks. Nobody on there actually “needs” me. That would be a lie. A big lie.

So, it’s time to celebrate.

God is revealing brand new truths to me, that I have longtime missed – as I studied His Word. He is reviving my spirit. He is calming my spirit. He is weeding out the bad, and flooding my soul with really-good-and-life-changing things.

The Connection Thing

It took removing myself from my “main” Facebook to understand the spiritual. To understand truth. To begin to trust (really-trust, not self-deceiving-kind-of-trust) God. God is working, and giving me knowledge, understanding, and wisdom about my trials. And, I am just so grateful!


What do you have to celebrate? Share with me.


Psalm 119

Psalm 119:25-27


I can relate to the psalmist this morning when he says…

I lie in the dust; revive me by your word (vv.25, NLT).”

My anxiety-filled heart leaves me lying in the gutter (or dust). It appears throughout Scripture that David knew what that was like. He had opposition within and on the outside. But David doesn’t just lie there. He doesn’t dwell on his circumstances. He does something else, instead.

He prays.

While his mortal body clings to the ground, David clung to the Most High God. In our circumstances, we need to learn to imitate David in this. We can face circumstances, but allow our focus to be on revival brought on by the Lord.


In the KJV, it says “quicken”. When my anxiety-filled heart prays, “quicken” would be an accurate word of choice. I want God to rescue me, now, and I don’t want to wait to reap whatever eternal benefit that is provided by God not immediately taking me out of the circumstance.

David, though, prays for God to revive him. His prayer is about his spirit, not his circumstance.

How often do we allow our spirit’s needs to
take priority in our prayer lives, versus
the circumstances we find ourselves in?

Prayer Focus

In my own life, I know I can testify that I don’t allow my spiritual needs to take priority in my life. My conversations with the Lord tend to revolve around other things. I am sure you can relate. Maybe, it is time for a change.

Our spirit’s need are far greater than significant physical needs we have. We don’t see the effects of not putting our spiritual needs, first, or at least not initially. By not putting our spiritual needs first, we slowly waste away versus experiencing renewal like it talks about in 2 Cor. 4:16. Where is the spiritual renewal?

Our prayers need to be centered around Christ and our relationship with Him. He wants to meet both needs – the temporary and eternal, the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Because, God truly cares! We cannot miss the importance of bringing to God in prayer our spiritual needs. It is part of the investing process. Our spirits are what last (see 2 Cor. 4:16).

What are we doing to actively take care of
our spirits, their needs, and nurture our
relationship with Jesus – our Savior?

God Hears

As David prays, God hears his prayer.

See the truth is, God wants to revive our broken and distracted spirits. He wants to teach us His commands and give us understanding (see James 1:5). He wants to share with us His treasures.

The Effect of David’s Prayer

And as a result of his prayer, David would experience a deeper walk with his God and so can we. God wants to touch our lives in a mighty way with His Awesome power!

It is in Jesus, we finally experience the most refreshing life we will have ever experienced. 

For David, he would grasp the power of God. With understanding comes, the desire to think upon the miracles of God. That is something he would not be able to self-contain, it would explode his witness. Having the Spirit of God inside him, God would use David as one of His witnesses (see Acts 1:8) to passionately speak His truth.

This is what can happen in our own lives.

This shows the significance of prayer.

Prayer changes lives.

How are we committing ourselves to bring
our spiritual needs to God through prayer?
This is where spiritual life begins!