Psalm 17 {Summer ’17}

These past few weeks, I haven't been able to write like I usually do. Life has become difficult, but I am moving forward. I may be behind in my Summer Psalms study, but it's okay. It is okay, that it might take much longer than anticipated. It's about the journey. Some journeys take longer than … Continue reading Psalm 17 {Summer ’17}


Invisible Illness Week is Coming (Neuro-Cardiogenic Syncope)

In the month of September, there is a little something called... Invisible Illness Week. During this week, invisible illness sufferers and advocates unite for the common good of raising awareness. In the course of raising awareness, we let our voices ring loudly - even if it means others give off blank stares and begin to … Continue reading Invisible Illness Week is Coming (Neuro-Cardiogenic Syncope)