Setting Realistic Goals for 2015

Hearing about New Year goals are inevitable. With every approaching year, we read or hear about others’ goals that they have set for themselves. It wouldn’t be beneficial to judge others’ goals, but we can ask ourselves specific questions regarding our own “2015” goals? Are we setting goals that are realistic for where God has…… Continue reading Setting Realistic Goals for 2015

Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 34

Mt 11:20-30; Acts 16:16-40; Ps 26; Ex 7-9 Matthew: Despite Jesus’ mighty works, many remained unrepentant. Having seen Jesus and the works of God, they still rejected the truth and the message of Jesus Christ coming as Savior of the world. Jesus remarks that it would be better to be Sodom on the Day of…… Continue reading Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 34