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  • Daniel Resources

    For those who are interested, we begun a new study. While it’s official name is Citizen of Heaven, Resident of Earth, I tend to refer to it as the post election study. Because, that is what brought about the need for this particular study. I want this to a time of remembering that God is much […]


  • Slow Down // Trusting Him

    These days, I am learning the benefit of slowly studying God’s Word. Verse – by – Verse. Slowly digesting the good news God wants to share with us. Slowing down allows us to take it all in. Including its delight and joy, too. This is the way we study right here on Gracefully Overcoming, so we can […]

  • How Will You Prepare for this Transition?

    This past week, we have had a great deal of emotions related to the election alone. Some happy. Some sad. Some resolving to be content in a discontented situation. A wide array of emotions. Our actions are just as varied. Complaints. Protests. Violence. Self-isolation. Deleting facebook friends, who are in favor of a different candidate than you […]

  • Discovery of the Better Thing {{Week 9}}

    Today (Wednesday, the 8th) is day 59 of our Bible study. We only have a few short days left. I found an error in the journal for today, so I wanted to pop in. This way, none of us miss the key to developing what is called “good fruit” in our lives. While the journal gives a […]

  • Diving In {{Week 2//Announcement}}

    This week, we conquered the beginning of our Bible study. We are covering Isaiah 40, over the next three weeks. This past week, we devoted ourselves to intentionally studying Isaiah 40:1-8. To those who are going through this Bible study with me, I want to tell you something. Congratulations! It may not seem like it […]