Psalm 119:28-32

 This is one of those prayers I should have ingrained into my spirit. Praying the psalms is a good, disciplined practice… and, let’s face it, we are all going through something. We live in a sorrow-filled world, where tragedies happen far too often… and our prayer lives are far too thin. God is the One to…… Continue reading Psalm 119:28-32

Psalm 119:17-20

I began working through the longest chapter in the book, Psalm 119. Its length isn’t why I chose it. Rather, it was chose… because I need a desire for God’s Word. I need to remember that it is eternal, good, holy, and to possess a desire to grow in my knowledge and application of God’s Word. As…… Continue reading Psalm 119:17-20

Speak, Lord – Tyndale

God has used Vic Black greatly. Recently, God has used Black through all that led up to Speak, Lord, and his willingness to go with God into publication of this book. This book beckons some questions: What if we could hear God speak directly through the book of Psalms into our individual lives and circumstances? What if…… Continue reading Speak, Lord – Tyndale