Chronological Bible Study

Genesis 12-15; Psalms 38-40

Assigned Reading: Psalms 38-40; Genesis 12-15 Because our study is chronological, it took us to the book of Job after Genesis 1-11. Well now that we have read, mourned, and repented with Job and his friends, it is time to return to Genesis. Are you ready? Genesis is a beautiful book with much insight and truths. […]

Gleaning from the Heart of Jesus

Confidence in God {{Week 6}}

Welcome to today’s blog and our Gleaning From the Heart of Jesus study! Today, we will be discussing another important topic: prayer. Prayer is the key unlocking the communication in our relationship with God through Jesus. As I study and grow, I am reminded of how much confidence we can have in our beloved Savior. Oh, […]

Chronic Illness

Five Minute Friday – Easy

Last week, I had to skip over our FMF time. I was having a really hard week, and the writing prompt was the word – easy. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling it. The last few weeks have been hard. This is the part that Annie overlooks when singing about the sun coming out… I didn’t feel […]

Discipleship Journal

Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 37

Mt 12:38-50; Acts 18:1-17; Ps 29; Ex 16-18 The overarching theme is God’s provision. It’s not just God’s provision, but His Timing. It is all about God’s Timing. It’s not asking “if” He will provide, but trusting Him–knowing that God definitely will provide! Our task needs to be trusting Him: really trusting Him! So often, […]