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Hope Unfolding (A Blogging-For-Books Review)

I recently found a new favorite book. Maybe, you have heard of it. Hope Unfolding is written by the wonderful – Becky Thompson! Through this precious book and author, we learn that our hope is not lost. In our circumstances, God is still for us. Though we feel forgotten, at times, we aren’t forgotten or left alone […]

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Review: Jesus Helps Me (& Give-Away!)

Today, I come before you all to share a review on a new book by Graham Blanchard Publishing. You all might recall I began reviewing for them August 2015. When I first found out about GBP, I wanted to get my hands on one of their kids’ books. They looked amazing. I didn’t know if I would ever be given an […]


Review: Spiritual Parenting in the First Five Years by Callie Grant (Graham Blanchard)

Spiritual Parenting in the First Five Years is the debut book of Callie Grant, who is founder of Graham Blanchard Publishers, Inc. In 2011, Grant founded Graham Blanchard with the sole purpose of creating children’s books to teach them about God. These books, used as tools, would lay down a foundation to teach truths about God […]

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“In This House, We Will Giggle”

In This House, We Will Giggle is a new book by popular blogger, Courtney DeFeo. In this book, DeFeo explores how she can have the house and family life that she longs for: instilling values and Christ centered living, while giggling along the way. In each chapter of her book, she explores one specific virtue and […]