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Plans for 2016?

What are your plans for 2016?

I have one big plan, and truth-be-told I need your help in carrying it out.

For 2016, I want to read through the New Testament. It is filled with sooo much good stuff in this part of God’s Word that I need to spend more time sitting and being with my Savior. My goal as I sit here wanting to read through the New Testament, is to blog my way through the NT.

Only, I wanted to keep my commitment¬†I made, to not overload your guys’ inboxes.

Want to join me in reading through the New Testament this year?

Join me at my 2016 – daily – blogging – spot.

(P.S. I am still totally blogging here on a 2-3x a week basis. I am just learning to spread out where I share my writings.)


Announcement: Chronic Illness Journal

Just a little service announcement:

I have made a new section to be added to my blog.
If anyone suffers from chronic illness or enjoys learning from the outsider perspective
(for the brave ones that aren’t scared easily by others’ health issues),
it is called Gracefully Overcoming Health Updates.

** Please note the link above is now the correct link.**

In there, I will be sharing songs that speak to me, posts that relate to chronic illness,
quotes I come across on certain health issues I struggle with,
and my own “chronic illness” journal entries
(which means, actually writing entries directed at chronic illness).

If you choose you want to receive those updates in your inbox or on WordPress, you will have to “follow” or request to get the emails. It is technically a different blog, but WordPress makes it fairly easy with the menu options (see the bar at top of this page). But if you want the notifications, don’t forget to “follow” the page, etc.

Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday,

Gracefully Overcoming.