My Hope and Strength

Mind spinning.Emotions spilling.Effects of all on my body.YouTube playing the book of Jeremiah in the background. The YouVersion VOTD (Verse of the Day) for Friday is one that stirred my soul. It reads, and this is in the Easy to Read Version, “God is the One who saves me. I trust Him, and I am…… Continue reading My Hope and Strength

Even Now…

From my private quiet time, but opting to share it with you today. My hope is that it may encourage you in your own walk with Jesus. “Even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.” ~ Joel 2:12, NIV We can input any hard circumstance…… Continue reading Even Now…

Devotion: Honest, But Desperate

Can I be honest? If walking out of a doctor’s appointment after 30 seconds wasn’t social Siberia, I would have today. There was just something about this appointment, that made it worse than the rest. I say all that to say: I understand having a bad day or the urge to walk out of a…… Continue reading Devotion: Honest, But Desperate

How Did I Get From There to Here?

I am missing a great group of friends tonight. Friends I had the privilege of serving with. It was only for a year, but seems much longer. That happens when you serve with a  certain group multiple days in a week’s time, and they were part of your core group of Christ-centered friends. For a while…… Continue reading How Did I Get From There to Here?