Devotions Scriptures Examined

Heaven – Styled Rest

My soul longs for Heaven-styled rest. In Heaven, we experience the kind of rest our soul’s long for. It is a place of tranquility. Once we receive our welcome into the pearly gates with Jesus’ nail-pierced hands reaching out for ours, we will understand what peace and rest truly are. In Scripture … we are […]

Discipleship Journal

Discipleship Journal – Day 233

Day 233 – Luke 19:28-38; Titus 2:11-15; Prov. 15:18-33; Esther 2 Luke: If I was sent by Jesus to untie a colt in the next village, I don’t know if I could think of anything else – other than “prophesy is being fulfilled right now (see Zechariah 9:9)! God is fulfilling prophesy right now… and He is using us […]

Insight The Best Yes

Awkward but Divine Appointments

I am weary. I am broken. I am socially awkward. I take more demands than I ought to. I often people-please. We come to the Lord with this list of what we are. God sees all that we are, and He pours His love over us! We come weary, broken, tired, overloaded, and just wondering what […]