Single Living: The Truth About God’s Will and Sex

Defining the Will of God The Greek word, thelema, used for “will” in 1 Thessalonians 4:3 means: “of the purpose of God to bless mankind through Christ”. When we read about God’s exclusion of something, do we automatically think that something good will come from abstaining? In terms of sex, is God truly desiring toContinue reading “Single Living: The Truth About God’s Will and Sex”


Lacking Spiritual Desire in Trials

In the midst of my trials, where is my desire for my Creator? That’s what I want to know. Where is my desire for my Creator? The One who satisfies my soul? To this question, I have no answer. I just know that my trials seem to be detouring me. The trial is having theContinue reading “Lacking Spiritual Desire in Trials”

The Unveiled Wife

About 24 hours ago, I received an email concerning a review book that I had awaited the chance to read. It was finally here! The Unveiled Wife is by Jennifer Smith, who hosts a blog of the same title. Jennifer is a gifted writer. I loved every bit of The Unveiled Wife, and could notContinue reading “The Unveiled Wife”