Pilgrimage to Easter

Significance of Our Vows

Ecclesiastes, the place where we find a wise king’s words strung together. Where things are contemplated. Where we learn of our need to seek God. God is eternal. He is our sustenance. He endures forever. He is worthy of our reverence and seeking to heed to His Words. “When you vow a vow to God, […]

Devotions Pilgrimage to Easter

Lent: Letting Everything Necessary… Transform

Lent: What if we saw it as something different? What if we saw the potential to intentionally pursue a greater intimacy with Christ alongside our brothers and sisters in Him? What if we looked past the religiosity and denominational walls, and saw it for what it could be? The decision to give up something for a season needs […]

The Overcomer Life

Why, Wait?

Tonight, I was reminded that lent – a season of giving things up – is approach in about 2.5 months. Many can stand on a particular side of the fence on the topic of lent (in terms of supporting lent). It can be used for worshiping our Father and Savior. Or perhaps, it can be […]