Fighting Well When Weary

I have been sick for quite a while. Some days or weeks, are miraculously better than others. Then you have¬†days like these, where there’s just debilitating weakness and nightmares (meaning: lack of sleep). Everything is snowballing. So, the question you habitually¬†begin to ask is. . . “Would someone else do a better job if they…… Continue reading Fighting Well When Weary

IIWK ’16: The Questions

I have chosen something ambitious, crazy, and therapeutic to do. Invisible Illness Week begins tomorrow! Initially, my goal was to set aside seven daily posts – to help shed some light on invisible illness, my struggles, and what has helped me. Sounds good, right? … But, sometimes, plans change. While I am still pursuing ideas…… Continue reading IIWK ’16: The Questions

Fruit of the Brokenness {{Depression is a Fight}}

Friends, I am proud to announce that I have been able to partner up with Melinda of Fruit of Brokenness. Melinda is a wonder new blogger friend, and am pleased to have found her blog. I am finding her to be quite the treasure, as she opens up about her struggle with depression. And, I…… Continue reading Fruit of the Brokenness {{Depression is a Fight}}

Know What You Are Fighting For

I want to be someone who knows what she is fighting for, and so she keeps fighting. I want to keep remembering who holds the key to my heart [Jesus Christ]. I want to keep progressing. Even if it is at a snail set pace. … Yet, I keep running. I keep enduring. I keep…… Continue reading Know What You Are Fighting For

IIWK15: I Fight for Support

Yesterday, I spoke on a very important topic – understanding invisible illness. Essentially, that sums up what Invisible Illness week is all about – raising awareness to help others (doctors and loved ones, alike) understand the struggles of those who face invisible illnesses. It is important for us to understand others’ pain, and be there…… Continue reading IIWK15: I Fight for Support