Jesus Cleanses Us {{Week 6}}

Hi Friends! Today, I want to talk with you about Ephesians 5:25-28. Open up your Bible and journal – if you are opting for the journaling thing. If not, just take a few moments to read the selected passage (along with John 15:3). Then, meet me back here. The Ephesians study journal is still available…… Continue reading Jesus Cleanses Us {{Week 6}}

Seeking Holiness: Pursuing Purity (Part 1)

“God wants you to be holy, so don’t be immoral in matters of sex. Respect and honor your wife (1 Thess. 4:3, CEV).” What is Sexual Immortality? The Greek word, porneia, is how we get the word “porn”. The Greek word shows us what exactly it means, so we can avoid it at all costs. Its definitions include…… Continue reading Seeking Holiness: Pursuing Purity (Part 1)

Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 38

Mt 13:1.23; Acts 18:18-28; Psalm 30; Exodus 19-20 A lot can be gleaned from the different passages. In Matthew, it brings me to the place of needing to realize where my heart is, staying humble, and staying focused on Him–not letting circumstances or cares to choke my focus (take my eyes off of Christ). Acts…… Continue reading Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 38