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  • Never Abandoned

    I am beginning to notice a theme. My Psalm today is chapter 23 – which is all about how the Lord will be with us. Which is a truth I both need and am treasuring. I am going to simply sit here and soak up His truths… And that He *never* abandons me. I have […]

  • Abundant God + New Study

    Abundant God + New Study

    God is the God of abundance! He makes a way, even when there seems to be no way. Lately, I have felt empty. I am house confined right now. And, it’s hard. Some days my health allows me to open our window’s blinds to see things like sunshine, birds, and small children at play. Some days, it […]


  • When I Am Not Okay (Part Two)

    When I Am Not Okay (Part Two)

    Hey friends! I am still here, navigating these interesting waters of depression. I haven’t really been writing much this week (even still). But, I have been trying to read our daily Scriptures. I come to you today – with a different Scripture in mind. As a deer longs for flowing streams, so I long for you, […]

  • Week 2 – He Has Saved Us! {POTF}

    Week 2 – He Has Saved Us! {POTF}

    Hi friends! Welcome to a new week of our Pressing On Toward Faithfulness study. I am glad you are here. If you check out our study’s page and compare it with our schedule, it will become apparent that we are a bit behind. Yes, we are. Currently, I am three blog posts behind. Most bloggers would […]

  • Resting on the Hope {{POTF}}

    Resting on the Hope {{POTF}}

    In the book of Titus, we are reminded that our beliefs are important. Trusting our Lord Jesus is so important. Our relationship with Christ really does affect every area of our lives. One thing to consider today is the level of importance we have given our Lord to spend quality time with Him. This is something I […]