Confidence in God {{Week 6}}

Welcome to today’s blog and our Gleaning From the Heart of Jesus study! Today, we will be discussing another important topic: prayer. Prayer is the key unlocking the communication in our relationship with God through Jesus. As I study and grow, I am reminded of how much confidence we can have in our beloved Savior. Oh,…… Continue reading Confidence in God {{Week 6}}

The Power of God Has Come

Mark 1:1-15 IF I were to place a tagline for this portion of Scripture, it would be, The Power of God Has Come. Throughout these set of verses, we see God acting. We see God declaring who He truly is. The question isn’t “Is God working?”. But, the real question is – “How am I stopping…… Continue reading The Power of God Has Come

2/4/15 – Intimacy with Christ

Intimacy with Christ As much as I’d like to put the emphasis of “talking”, it’s about something much more… The threshold of my responsibility and much do – doesn’t have to go that high. All I have to do is simply “be” with my Creator. That’s where intimacy begins. That’s how I wlll come to…… Continue reading 2/4/15 – Intimacy with Christ