When The Holy Spirit Speaks…

A few days ago, I mentioned things have been increasing in their difficulties. While things may seem to get worse before they get better, I am sooo thankful for the Holy Spirit. I have had many “ministering moments” lately, similar to what we see in chapter 4 of Matthew. We are reminded that the Holy Spirit is our Comforter,Continue reading “When The Holy Spirit Speaks…”


Allowing Gratitude to be Present

Life has a way of becoming increasingly interesting these days. With Summer over and now we are almost in Winter, I am still waiting/looking for the better days – as far as my health is concerned. I have my days that are marked by their difference, in comparison to where I was last year. ThisContinue reading “Allowing Gratitude to be Present”

Prayer: Wash Over My Wounds

“Lord, please touch me and wash over my wounds with Your Word. I need healing, and only You can give it to me. I ask these things in Jesus’ precious name, Amen.” He heals the brokenhearted, and bandages their wounds . – Psalm 147:3 (emphasis mine) The Message shares Ephesians 5:25b – 27 wonderfully: “Christ’sContinue reading “Prayer: Wash Over My Wounds”

Loneliness and My Space

Loneliness. How can it be soo incredibly loud? When lonely, it can be easy to feel pushed away. It can be easy to feel that way without loneliness or depression’s help. Easy to feel not valued. Others, apparently, all have something far more important to say than I do. My comments. My concerns. My verbalized emotionsContinue reading “Loneliness and My Space”