Just Be Present {{DLRB Goals – Aug 16}}

Lately, I am fascinated with this idea of having a routine. … Or, at least, a morning one. I need routine. I need consistency. We live in an unpredictable world, but we can create a weave of consistency through what we do. School begins today! Perfect time for me to begin a brand new routine […]


Temptations of Jesus

The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness. It wasn’t something he thought of doing himself. The Spirit compelled him to go into the wilderness. To me, this speaks about how the Holy Spirit will lead us to do things that we, ordinarily, wouldn’t do. This would be a time of great testing for Jesus, […]

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1/5/15 – Endurance

Posted January 5, 2015 I am beginning to think that my word for the year 2015 is “endurance”. I think the realization of knowing God is helping me through each step of the way, and I am continuing to endure… is the best blessing I could receive in terms of coping with my life situation […]

Chronic Illness

New Diagnosis: NCS

I always knew something was wrong with me. With all my symptoms, inability to stand, and everything else, there was no way that any of it was “normal”. There is just no way. I began searching for answers after quite a while of debilitating weakness in August 2013. That was the moment that I seriously […]