Devotion: Good Out of Bad

Life is hard. How often do we allow ourselves to grieve with God about the difficulties of our lives?Tweet We need to be able to weep with our Mighty God about our difficulties, so we can begin to see how He is working, with fresh eyes as we grieve with the reminded that our Savior…… Continue reading Devotion: Good Out of Bad

The Sanctification Process

Ohhh my friends, I have missed you all so much!!! While I am still on my break, or Sabbath if you will, I wanted to just take a few moments to write you all. This time away is needed, yet difficult. While difficult, this is the season of life where I will reap the greatest of…… Continue reading The Sanctification Process

Exodus 25-27

I have, obviously, gotten off track in my Bible reading (plan). Today, is a new start. I will share whatever I feel led to share. Some days, it just might be a quote or song. Other days, a paragraph on what stood out. On some days, utter silence I am sure. My physical weakness is…… Continue reading Exodus 25-27

Coming in Power {{Week 2}}

Hello, my dear friends! Just a reminder: For the next couple of weeks, we are studying Isaiah 40. Be sure to check out our journal and schedule, to join in the fun! Click here for other related posts. The Scriptures – Isaiah 40:9-10; Isaiah 51:5 “Jerusalem, you have good news to tell. Go up on a high mountain. Jerusalem, you…… Continue reading Coming in Power {{Week 2}}

Choosing Our Savior Over Struggles {{Week 3}}

Welcome to week 3, my friends!! Are you excited? I am looking forward to sharing this week’s treasures with you all, as I think and ponder on what God has taught me during this week’s study! Let’s Begin! (Dig Out Your Journals and Bibles) {{P.S. I invite all of you newcomers to join us in…… Continue reading Choosing Our Savior Over Struggles {{Week 3}}