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Devotion: Talking Versus Doing

“In all labor there is profit, but merely talking about it leads to poverty.” – Proverbs 14:23 God plants dreams and passions inside of each of us. As we experience Him through our relationship with His Son Jesus Christ, He leads us on. God wants to use the passions He has given each of us, […]

Truth in Trials

Job 2: Integrity in the Face of Trials

In Job 2:1-7, we are given a picture of the heavenly scene of what led to Job’s trials. God is approached by Satan, who is seeking permission to taunt Job – convinced it will lead Job to curse God. God knew Job. God knew Job’s spirit and love for Him, so he allowed Satan limited […]

Characteristics of God The Outcast

The Outcast: Noah’s Faith and Testimony

While I think on all the amazing people God has ministered to and used throughout the course of history, I am reminded of one in particular that stands out. A man, though imperfect, who was defined by a special kind of relationship with His Creator. A man whose name is Noah, who is known for […]


Questions Linger in the Air

A couple weeks ago, I went into a kidney specialists – expecting answers. Only to be instructed to: come back in a few months. We will “keep an eye on things”, they say. Doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence, maybe because I (like most) am a fan of instant answers… Answers aren’t always instant though, […]

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Endurance #1

Posted on January 6, 2015 “The only way to learn strong faith is to endure great trials.” – George Muller (English Evangelist) Found at “What Christians Want to Know” How encouraging would it be for us to really just learn this? Trials are hard, messy, and ugly, but this is the place where my faith […]