I Will Praise You in the Storm (A BookLook Review)

I Will Praise You in the Storm is the memoir of a family who has endured illness and grief when their loved ones, Stephen and Holly, no longer call earth their home. Stephen and Holly, both, struggled with familial intrahepatic cholestatic, a rare form of chronic active hepatitis. While in the book, he shares what his…… Continue reading I Will Praise You in the Storm (A BookLook Review)

The Pruning Effect in Trials

Last Thursday, I entered a new phase of a struggle. I wasn’t prepared for the long lasting aspect of it. It is easier to see the struggle in front of me and wish it away, than for me to take the time, pray, and realize that God may want to use the struggle to build…… Continue reading The Pruning Effect in Trials

1/5/15 – Endurance

Posted January 5, 2015 I am beginning to think that my word for the year 2015 is “endurance”. I think the realization of knowing God is helping me through each step of the way, and I am continuing to endure… is the best blessing I could receive in terms of coping with my life situation…… Continue reading 1/5/15 – Endurance

Endurance #1

Posted on January 6, 2015 “The only way to learn strong faith is to endure great trials.” – George Muller (English Evangelist) Found at “What Christians Want to Know” How encouraging would it be for us to really just learn this? Trials are hard, messy, and ugly, but this is the place where my faith…… Continue reading Endurance #1

Endurance #2 – Intentionality

Posted on January 12, 2015 It isn’t solely the act of enduring I am actively pursuing. It is also the attitude. When we go throughout our days, do we maintain an attitude of love? This is to be an important aspect of an enduring spirit. We don’t just take things as they come, but we…… Continue reading Endurance #2 – Intentionality