Immeasurably More in My Days

Some days, I just want to go home. Have you ever felt this way? Sick of this world and ready to receive Heaven in all our Lord’s glory? Today’s blog post is simply part of my story. My longing for my eternal home, while realizing God still has me here for a big purpose -…… Continue reading Immeasurably More in My Days

When I Am Not Okay

Do you ever look someone in the eye, say your good, and then realize you aren’t as good as you just said? That was my experience tonight at my small group. Today was a considerably good day on a physical level. I even made it to Bible study tonight, and so when others asked how…… Continue reading When I Am Not Okay

5/13/15 – When It Hurts…

I got a phone call today. One I would of preferred not to get. It’s not a dreaded “______________ passed away today.” or another sort of horrid news. It did hurt, but the comment afterward hurt too. Let me just empty my filled up heart of emotions. Tomorrow, I was supposed to go see my…… Continue reading 5/13/15 – When It Hurts…

“The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly” – Blogging for Books

Let me begin by saying: I wanted to like this book. I am a huge fan of the television show, ER, and have been for over a decade. So, I truly thought this would be an enjoyable book to read in my spare time. The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly┬áis by Dr. Matt McCarthy,…… Continue reading “The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly” – Blogging for Books

5.2.15 – A Plague of Sorts

This is going to be one of those “I feel horrible, so I might as well write about it” moments. You may want to skip over it, or you may choose to sit with me, read what I have written, and offer support (through encouragement, sharing Scriptures from the Bible, and/or prayer). You decide your…… Continue reading 5.2.15 – A Plague of Sorts