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The Unveiled Wife

About 24 hours ago, I received an email concerning a review book that I had awaited the chance to read. It was finally here! The Unveiled Wife is by Jennifer Smith, who hosts a blog of the same title. Jennifer is a gifted writer. I loved every bit of The Unveiled Wife, and could not […]

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12/16/14 – I Can Do All the “Right” Things

Posted on December 31, 2014 NCS. Sometimes, I am just not okay.  I can do “all the right things”. Sleep. Sodium. Water. G2. Yet, I am still not okay.  Especially if I have somehow “overdone” it, and simply :not noticed:. I need to be more careful that I don’t cross the boundaries. My senses can’t […]

Truth in Trials

Keeping Up Appearances

Appearances. It is a topic I am mindful of quite often. Our world endorses masks, and pretending we are fine despite reality. The Pharisees and other religious leaders wore a different kind of mask, but it remained profitless. Their mask made them look very good, but their hearts were “white-washed tombs”. Spiritually dead. How about […]