Single Living: When Waiting Seems Like Just a Few Days

We are going to sidestep from our Fruit of the Spirit study for a couple of weeks, due to circumstances beyond my control. Meanwhile… Enjoy what we can deem as, “Lessons in Love from Jacob and Rachel”. Jacob and Rachel – Behind the Love Story Laban said, “It’s better that I give her to you…… Continue reading Single Living: When Waiting Seems Like Just a Few Days

“For the Right Reasons”

“For the Right Reasons” is Sean Lowe’s memoir of his journey from the Bachelorette and his heartache of not being chosen by Emily, to becoming an asset on his own season of the Bachelor, and his journey toward wedded bliss with his wife Catherine. It is impossible to critique much of someone’s memoir, because this…… Continue reading “For the Right Reasons”


Magnetic is about first becoming the girl that God wants for us to be. It puts aside our desire for a boyfriend, what our friends have (and what we clearly do not have), and places God at the center. In this book, Lynn uses the Fruits of the Spirit (from Galatians 5:22-23) as her focus…… Continue reading Magnetic

The Old Fashioned Way: Tyndale Review

I am thrilled to have this book, The Old Fashioned Way, in my possession. First off, I want to thank Tyndale for allowing me to have the privilege to review this book for them. The Old Fashioned Way is a timely book, and a perfect study as we begin this New Year. It is based…… Continue reading The Old Fashioned Way: Tyndale Review

Young Hannah: My Equivalent

Hannah The childless woman. The broken woman. Society frowned upon her and others like her. Others had a misconceived perception of her. Read 1 Samuel 1:9-16 Though Hannah was married.  This blog post is going to take this a step further: This is where many fall- the singles and childless in our society. The single and childless…… Continue reading Young Hannah: My Equivalent