Zip It (Karen Ehman)

Karen Ehman is a woman with a gift for writing and sharing the Bible with her readers. She recently came out with a new book. The book, Zip It, is a follow-up to Karen Ehman’s Keep It Shut book. An eight week Bible study, Zip It is designed to teach us how we can most honor God with […]

Chronological Bible Study

Deuteronomy 1-2

See, I have given you this land. Go in and take possession of the land the Lord swore he would give to your [ancestors] (1:8). Israel was told to go and take possession of the land. While God gave the Israelites special land, God has given us sacred spiritual land. We need to go and take possession […]

Gleaning from the Heart of Jesus Uncategorized

Forgiving Jesus’ Way {{Week 4}}

Welcome, friends! I invite you to get out your study journal and Bible, if you have it nearby. If you haven’t had the privilege of ordering your study journal yet, you can do so here (Please Note: It’s an affiliate link). The Scriptures – Matthew 5:23-24; Mark 11:25 Suppose you are offering your gift at […]


Fervent (A NetGalley Review)

Fervent is a new book by the wonderful Priscilla Shirer, on prayer that can radically alter the way we look at prayer and our circumstances. It puts our focus on remembering the one who is really to blame for the things that goes on in our lives and relationships – versus our family, friends, coworkers, and […]

The Overcomer Life

The Valuable

I know the value of words. I know the value of speaking up. I know the value of sharing my experiences to help others. I know how it can impact others, by not sharing the words God gives me to speak I know how it can impact others, by not sharing what God has and […]