Devotions Diving Into Corinthians

Treasure Hunt {Diving Into The Corinthians}

One day at a time, we are given the joy to treasure hunt in God’s Word. In today’s blog, I want us to go on a “treasure hunt” – together. Are you ready?! I invite you to join me, as I grab for my Corinthians Bible study journal and we get started! All you need is a Bible and […]

Chronological Bible Study

Job 14-20; Psalms 16-20

Assigned Reading for January 7-8: Psalms 16-20; Job 14-20 We can call this, “the lost weekend”. Psalms – I absolutely loved my journey, as I went from Psalm to Psalm on Sunday. I won’t share all of my thoughts on these Psalms, but will share a few… Chapter 16 – In this psalm, we are […]

Gleaning from the Heart of Jesus

Confidence in God {{Week 6}}

Welcome to today’s blog and our Gleaning From the Heart of Jesus study! Today, we will be discussing another important topic: prayer. Prayer is the key unlocking the communication in our relationship with God through Jesus. As I study and grow, I am reminded of how much confidence we can have in our beloved Savior. Oh, […]

Truth in Trials

Venting Versus Praying in Trials

Last week, I brought up “walking in silence“. It is not a 24/7 scenario. Truth be told, it is actually easier and more comfortable for me to stay silence (excluding certain situations – it kinda depends on who I am around). What about you? Silent type about your trial (I have to tie in “Trials” somehow), or loud about […]

Discipleship Journal

Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 35

Mt 12:1-21; Acts 17:1-15; Ps 27; Ex 10-12 The resounding theme is how godly people have continued to act with boldness, perservance, and confidence in the face of adversity, persecution, and oppression. It is not that they were “strong enough“, but that God helped them through each act of oppression and hardship that they faced. […]