9.26.14- My Journey. So Far.

Please pray for me. After over a year of trying to find out what is going on with me physically, I am going for, what is called a tilt table test. This test, it may give answers that I have been searching for. It may be the beginning of moving toward healing. I would really…… Continue reading 9.26.14- My Journey. So Far.

Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 33

Mt 11:1-19; Acts 16:1-15; Ps 25; Ex 4-6 Psalm: “Lord, I give myself to You!” No matter what happens, God is good! He is good despite all that I may endure. He continues to love me despite my worst failures. He continues to strengthen me, when I have wasted the strength I have been given.…… Continue reading Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 33

True Sacrifice

Click for Scripture passage (Luke 7:36-50) Jesus went to dinner at one of the Pharisees’ house. While there, a certain woman found out he was eating there. Word probably had spread throughout the city. This woman–she instantly goes with all she has. Everything, down to her expensive, rare perfume. She was probably feeling convicted, and…… Continue reading True Sacrifice