Temptation Truth in Trials

Rising Above Temptations {{Trials Tuesday}}

((Friends, don’t forget to ‘tune in’ this Saturday – as we kick off our online Bible study right here on Gracefully Overcoming)) — — — Temptations are a fact of life, and affect the best of us. Often times, we don’t want to face this truth that – temptations are real. Temptations are, indeed, very […]

Truth in Trials

Trials Tuesday: Wavering Faith

Have you ever asked God for something? Chances are, you have. I think we all have a moment where we stop in our tracks with today’s verse. Before we get there, let’s review. As we walk through this study on the book of James, I don’t want us to miss anything. This is too good […]

Chronic Illness

Enjoy the Hard Times

One thing about having a chronic illness is the fear that the good day (or moment) of little to no symptoms will soon end. I mean after all, good things must end at some point… Right? My nemesis is generalized weakness. I get weak. I mean I literally just have to stand, and symptoms come […]