Loneliness and My Space

Loneliness. How can it be soo incredibly loud? When lonely, it can be easy to feel pushed away. It can be easy to feel that way without loneliness or depression’s help. Easy to feel not valued. Others, apparently, all have something far more important to say than I do. My comments. My concerns. My verbalized emotions…… Continue reading Loneliness and My Space

Save the Lost

I think when you have a chronic illness or any tragedy in your life really, it is easy to feel lost. It is easy to feel disconnected from the world around you, your community of Christ followers (small Bible study group, accountability group of friends, Sunday school class, your spiritual family, etc), and just sorta…… Continue reading Save the Lost

Victory in the Battle

Psalm 144:1-2  1 Praise the LORD! He is my Rock. He prepares me for war. He trains me for battle. 2 He loves me and protects me. He is my safe place high on the mountain. He rescues me. He is my shield. I trust in him. He helps me rule my people. No matter where we are in life, God is preparing…… Continue reading Victory in the Battle