1 Samuel 4-8 (Part 1)

“Why did the Lord…? (1 Sam. 4:3)” Unfortunately, we get like this also. We go out to fight without praying and our spiritual armor, then we bring forth our questions like this. We want to make and carry out our own plans, but expect God to bless them. When we do this, we are forgetting…… Continue reading 1 Samuel 4-8 (Part 1)

Faith-Infused Living {{Week 6}}

Friends, This is our last post for our Ephesians study. It has, sadly, come to an end. But, God’s treasures are ever present. God still has much to teach us, through His Word! The learning never ceases. God continues to pour out His knowledge, truth, and grace onto us, as draw near! I invite you to open up…… Continue reading Faith-Infused Living {{Week 6}}

Trials Tuesday: Our Position in Christ (and WHY We win!)

Last “Trials Tuesday” post, I wrote: “This world will try to compete with the riches of Christ, but they can’t. The devil can attempt to tempt us with his schemes and shiny things, but they are nothing.” The best kind of riches we will ever experience are those in Christ! But, the key is –…… Continue reading Trials Tuesday: Our Position in Christ (and WHY We win!)

Trials Tuesday: Wavering Faith

Have you ever asked God for something? Chances are, you have. I think we all have a moment where we stop in our tracks with today’s verse. Before we get there, let’s review. As we walk through this study on the book of James, I don’t want us to miss anything. This is too good…… Continue reading Trials Tuesday: Wavering Faith

Sunday Strength: Comparison

A few editions ago of “… In Trials,” we began discussing faith becoming evident, during our times of trials. Right now, I am in a bout of debilitating physical weakness. It’s hard, but one thing that gets easier during these moments… the comparison game. The Art of Comparison We all play the “what if” and even the…… Continue reading Sunday Strength: Comparison