Looking for Holiness {{POTF}}

My friends, We start 1 Timothy on Monday!! Can you believe it? We are almost through the book of Titus. Even though I haven’t felt well, I am falling in love with our POTF study! The Lord has fully provided all I need to sit, read my Bible, and journal through it. I hope you are enjoying this…… Continue reading Looking for Holiness {{POTF}}

Entrusted to Correct {1 Tim. 1:3-5}

Sometimes we just don’t act as we ought to, but this is why God has placed us in the care of shepherds – pastors and others who will guide us and remind us of His truth. Apostle Paul knew that Timothy had some shepherding to do – right where he was. He needed to correct the people…… Continue reading Entrusted to Correct {1 Tim. 1:3-5}

Week 4: The Ultimate Goal – Part 2

While I deeply want to pour over a specific passage of Scripture, this is not the day for that conversation to take place. Yesterday, we began to talk about how God is the ultimate authority in our lives. I want to continue that conversation, before we move on. Before we can go enter the depth of…… Continue reading Week 4: The Ultimate Goal – Part 2

Look Up! {{Week 3}}

We are at the end of our third week, for our current study. We have spent the past few weeks, studying Isaiah 40. Amazing journey, right?!? I am loving it! If you are new, it’s not too late to join in. We have one more week, before journeying through Matthew 4-7 (see end of post,…… Continue reading Look Up! {{Week 3}}

Nations Versus God {{Week 2}}

For the next few weeks, we are studying Isaiah 40. Be sure to pick up your free journal and schedule to join us! The Scriptures – Isaiah 40:15-17; Daniel 4:35 “Face it; the nations are nothing but a drop in the bucket, only a smidgen on the scales by the reckoning of God. He can pick up entire islands as if…… Continue reading Nations Versus God {{Week 2}}