Gleaning from the Heart of Jesus

The Call to Surrender {{Week 5}}

Welcome, friends! I invite you to get out your study journal and Bible, if you have it nearby. If you haven’t had the privilege of ordering your study journal yet, you can do so here (Please Note: It’s an affiliate link). The Scriptures – Matthew 5:38-39; Proverbs 20:22, 24:29 You have heard that it was […]

Goals The Overcomer Life

2o Year Anniversary//Feb-March Goals

I missed celebrating a very important milestone in December. My spiritual birthday. We celebrated our big TWENTY. Me and God, that is! For the past twenty years, I have not walked alone. For the past twenty years, I have been reconciled to my God. For the past twenty years, I have been an intimate relationship […]

Truth in Trials

Trials Tuesday: Our Position in Christ (and WHY We win!)

Last “Trials Tuesday” post, I wrote: “This world will try to compete with the riches of Christ, but they can’t. The devil can attempt to tempt us with his schemes and shiny things, but they are nothing.” The best kind of riches we will ever experience are those in Christ! But, the key is – […]