Etania’s Worth [Blog Tour]

Friends, I have a special treat for you today [Trials Tuesday to follow in a couple days]. My friend and writer, M.H. Elrich, has come out with her first novel.

(Imagine the crowds applauding)
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I have had the privilege to hash out writing ideas with this friend, for a few years now. It was actually her encouragement, which led to “Grace Leads: A Devotional Series on the Power of God’s Grace” making it to others’ bookshelves. I couldn’t have imagined allowing my words to “hit the shelves” without her loving guidance and sometimes accountability – as we hone our gifts of writing. So, I want to introduce you to her and “her baby” today. [Be sure to check out the links at the end of this blog post]

About Her:

M.H. Elrich is a writer, reader, teacher and editor who wears too many hats. This means she consumes coffee and tea with a mug that reads “Wait until I’ve drained the cup.” She received her B.A. in English and was published in The Write Word, Orpheus and Short Fiction Break.  She currently resides in a part of California where “perfect” weather comes with a layer of smog.

It is a great pleasure to introduce you now to Etania’s Worth and the story M.H has to share with us.

About Etania’s Worth:

Etania’s new apprenticeship as a librarian is shattered when she fends off an attacker with a power, or Neuma, she didn’t know she had the ability to disable evil beings. When her father discovers Etania’s gift, he wants to use her as a weapon to stop a new threat rising over Tamnarae. Etania doesn’t want to be her father’s new weapon and wonders if that really is the purpose of her Neuma. Yet, the death of a loved one brings the struggle closer to home, forcing Etania on a journey to embrace her newfound power before it’s too late.

Before we begin our interview time with M. H Elrich, why don’t we listen to a couple quotes?

“Why do I fail to protect those I love?
To show you who is the true protector.”
-Keyel and Melchizidek from Etania’s Worth

” ‘Neuma? I don’t have Neuma. Besides, Tamnarae doesn’t need to be saved, we’ve been at peace for a hundred years.’
‘Everyone needs to be saved.’ Melchizidek asserted.”
-Etania and Melchizidek Etania’s Worth

Q & A Time:

What made you want to write Etania’s Worth?

I’ve always been interested in Christian fantasy since I read The Chronicles of Narnia and my father read me The Lord of the Rings. Then I wrote stories along with my friend, C.M. Fritzen, eventually expanding into writing my own worlds and characters. From those foundations came Etania’s Worth.

Were any characters based on people in your life?

I think Etania and her companions are all different parts of my personality more fleshed out and walking around. I did base Jakin loosely on my brother, whose humor I tried to infuse into my character and Keyel loosely on my husband, whose quiet confidence is echoed in Keyel. However, that is where the similarities end, because I strive to make my characters unique.

How long did it take you to write Etania’s Worth?

I’ve been writing Etania’s Worth consistently for two years, but the ideas and clippings have been around for eight years. Even after I finished the first draft of Etania’s Worth, I had to rewrite it entirely and then edit the second draft several times before formatting and publishing. It’s been a long journey for me, but well worth it.

Why did you choose to write a Christian fantasy instead of a regular fantasy?

Christianity is so infused in my blood that I found it difficult to try to write a more symbolic fantasy instead of a fantasy in the vein of C.S. Lewis. So I decided to give up trying to be the next Tolkein and strove to write the story God placed on my heart.

Does Etania’s Worth contain magic?

No. The Neuma of the peoples in my novel is based on the idea that God gives special gifts and abilities to each person that is for them to use responsibly. Spells, incantations, or anything remotely like sorcery is emphasized as evil and ungodly.

Is this book appropriate for children?

The ideal reader of this book is a young adult, ages 16+. This book is appropriate for readers with an older vocabulary and tolerance for some violent content.

Why did you name the book Etania’s Worth?

I love Proverbs 31 and in it there is a verse that stood out to me: A virtuous wife who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. That one word, worth, stood out to me because Etania struggles to accept her identity. Women who struggle to accept their identity realize that they must embrace their worth in Christ to have confidence. I know, because I was one of those women. So that’s where I got the title.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Etania’s Worth. You can find it on Amazon and other places. I haven’t had the opportunity to read my copy yet, but super excited for M.H. Elrich and to have the privilege to read it. She is a very engaging writer, so I am sure she will keep us captivated in Etania’s Worth.

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Stepping into 1 Corinthians SCHEDULE

Our newest study begins on Monday! Can you believe it? It is almost here!! I am super excited to get started. My physical health is in flare mode, so I may be quieter than my preference during this study. But, we are going to do the Bible study and see what the Lord decides to do in our lives. He will do something beyond marvelous!

So my blog posts may be significantly shorter than normal. The grammar may not resemble someone of my background. But, I want for us to see what the Lord our God is going to do in our midst.

Our Lord Jesus Christ stands ready to meet us here, and may we choose to say “yes Lord”. May we come and bring whatever we have to offer in an absolutely intentional manner.

The goal today is to bring you our schedule. Now here is the thing: Each week, our Facebook page is going to have a discussion question. It will be posted Sunday or Monday – so be on the lookout if you are on Facebook!

Our first blog post for this study likely won’t happen until the end of the new week. My original goal was to have it posted on Tuesday. But, sometimes things change.

Now for our schedule ♥.

Also: The manuscript journal might make a great addition if you are a note taker with little room in your Bible (like me! I really need to find my manuscript journal, it would make this time soo much more fruitful. Plus: it’s a keepsake for the many weeks I spend in this study.)

For more details on the study itself, click here.

In Christ who is our Anchor and Forever Hope,

Nothing To Prove {Blogging-For-Books}

Nothing-To-ProveLately, I have been enjoying the writings and teachings of Jennie Allen. Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of her prior to this year when the women’s group at my church began a study using Chase (an amazing study).

Right now, I am enjoying Allen’s Nothing to Prove: Why We Can Stop Trying So Hard. This is a book that will minister to many aching hearts, as we realize our Lord Jesus is enough. . . and we are enough for Him.

As the title says, we have nothing to prove. Our Mighty God has already taken care of it. It is time to remember our good Father is all we need, and is actively taking good care of us.

Allen is engaging, as she teaches the Word of God and shares her life experiences. There are many nuggets of biblical truths found in this book.

God will use this book to meet and minster to many whose hearts ache, because this is the God we serve. He revives and breathes new life into us.

With each page, I find another “something” that resonates with the weight my soul carries. And, it gives me peace as I walk through this book of being taught God’s Word. This is another reason to keep on reading. Friends, this is a book I really want to keep reading. My book is covered in highlights, because it is something I genuinely need to hear. Which, makes this an easy review to give.

We need more books like this one to spur us on, and help us to remember the truths of the Gospel. That our Savior is enough.

It is about our Lord Jesus and what He has done for us. We don’t have to keep trying so hard. We can learn to truly rest in our Risen Lord Jesus Christ who loves us anyway. He came to die on the cross and rose again, so we could be with Him – and enjoy Him.

As I read, I continue to learn that it is about being with Jesus. We can place our hope and dreams in our Lord, and know that we have all we need. We can rest, knowing Jesus has drawn us to Himself.

We don’t have to keep trying so hard, but we can take time to pause and celebrate the kind of relationship we have with Him. We can stop the chaotic rushing of doing, and meet with our King who loves us anyway.

Do I believe God can use this book in the lives of others? Absolutely.
Would I recommend it to others? Yes, I would.

Friends, be sure to pick up your copy of Nothing to Prove!

In Him,


REMINDER – New Journal Designs!

Just a reminder friends, that our brand new study begins on Monday!!

This is a good opportunity we are met with, but it is also a hard one. We all face different and difficult seasons in our lives

. . . which sometimes makes it hard to just dive into the Word of God.

Or to make it our highest priority.

I know the struggle of committing to Bible study, especially one like this one, where we aren’t sure how long it will last (or maybe how long I will last). Let’s jump into the Word of God – together! And watch what marvelous things He will do in our midst. Choose to worship Him in this moment with what we can offer!

Starting Monday, we will be diving into the book of 1 Corinthians. I love the ease of the schedule. You set the schedule for how your week of studying will go. Let’s just draw near and study at our own pace.

No pressure what so ever. Just draw nearer to the Lord, let Him speak to us through His Word, and encourage each other.

There is a helpful journal (which I share a bit of next week – Monday, I believe), that I have assembled. You can purchase it over at Amazon.

What I find amazing is how the journal is formatted. It is different from our usual journals. This one actually allows you to write notes and get highlighting crazed – while studying the Word of God. It is a different type of journal than what we are used to, but I have been enjoying it.

If you aren’t interested in the manuscript journal, we still have our eight week basic Bible study journal available too (with two new “cover designs” {here is 1 of them}).

One last note: The website for this blog will soon be changing. Be sure to use this link instead.

Looking forward to our time of community and studying the Word together.

Featured image by Allen Taylor.


Diving Into Corinthians Study {Announcement}


I am excited to announce that our newest study will begin April 2nd. In a little under a month, we will kick off our newest study and dive into the Corinthians. I have made a new journal for our study, where we can highlight, circle, make notes, and write up whatever helps us study the Word of God.

Our New Journal –

This journal is different than others. In this particular journal, we are given the Corinthians written out in a double space format – which gives us extra margins to write notes in too. While there are a few blank pages, it is mostly a “manuscript style” journal. This is where my InterVarsity days step in.

I wanted a journal that met me, where I am today. Physically, I have a lot of days where I cannot write out God’s Word like I hope to. This gives me a way to still deeply study the Word of God.

My Goal –

For this study, my goal is to slowly walk through the Corinthians. The amazing thing about this journal is – there’s no specific timetable. You can go at your own pace.

An Example –

Ideally, we will study a specific chapter each week. Since I do better with smaller passages, I will probably utilize an optional schedule. I want for us to go at our own pace though. The schedule will be optional for this reason. We need to study whatever the Lord is leading us to study.

My hope is to get into this study a bit each day. I learn and grow much more through “in depth” Bible studying. So even though we will likely do a chapter per a week, I will set up outlines like this one – to keep me on track.

Monday – 1 Corinthians 1:1-3
(Blog Post)
Tuesday – 1 Corinthians 1:4-9
Wednesday – 1 Corinthians 1:10-17
Thursday – 1 Corinthians 1:18-21
Friday – 1 Corinthians 1:22-25
(Blog Post)
Saturday – 1 Corinthians 1:26-31
Sunday – Reread and soak up His truths.

Be Ready to Grow With Jesus –

Friends, this study – Diving Into The Corinthians – is a chance for us to meet the Lord as we are. Even though life gets messy, the Lord wants to be our Forever Hope! He wants to show us His very Good News. Our trials don’t change the hope we can find in our Lord Jesus Christ.

This time of studying God’s Word is a time to gain a deeper intimacy with Christ, and nothing in this world can ever compare with such a gift!

Through His suffering, death, and resurrection, we have found a brand new life – where we don’t have to do everything on our own anymore. Our great God wants to be the One to hold us, regardless of what we have done.

How are we willing to surrender? Let’s just dive into this study at our own pace and see the Lord has to tell us.

If you want a Corinthians journal, click here to purchase yours! They are each $7.

Seeking Him,


Also: Don’t forget about our women’s FB group, where we will dive in a bit deeper than on the blog.