Growth in Trials

Like many, I don’t do well when lacking control. Case in point, my hair was mid way down my back. No longer, because I had to do something with my powerlessness. There is just so much outside of my ability to control and grabbing a pair of scissors seems the least destructive. I am currently…… Continue reading Growth in Trials

How to Fail at Bible Study

I’m going through Priscilla Shirer’s newest Bible study with people at church. It is being approached [by me] in a different way, so I make it through each quiet time. My quiet times used to be sooo much deeper. But part of my “now” quiet time is reading through each day’s lessons like I am…… Continue reading How to Fail at Bible Study

Opportunities to Prune

Photo: Hudson Hintze // Unsplash I have been thinking about possible blog ideas for Summer. But, I know how sickly I am from Spring to Fall. With that said, I am holding off on all blogging commitments. Will this mean I won’t blog during these months? Absolutely not! I am going to keep trying to…… Continue reading Opportunities to Prune

He Will Bring You Through

This seems very appropriate, since I forgot to post on our Facebook page (again). He will bring us through WHATEVER we face. He may opt to not answer every prayer the way we look for Him to, though! I have been chronically ill for… a while now. Do I believe He chooses to heal, even…… Continue reading He Will Bring You Through