Daily Entries: Navigating the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs

Recently, I found a reading plan I wanted to try and use to help stay connected to the Word of God. My goal isn’t to do the reading plan in a year, but to use it as a tool to get into the Word.

These entries will not be notified by WordPress to those who want to follow me in this venture. You have to come back to this page, to see if there have been any new entries added. Using PDF’s, it prevents other readers from getting notifications for this section of my blog. This works well, as many may not want the daily notifications regarding this time of navigating through the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.

** To view the entry, click on the highlighted portion of Scripture. It will take you to the PDF. If you are on your phone or tablet, it will require you to download the PDF – in order to view it.**

  1. Philippians 1.1-18, Psalm 1
  2. Philippians 1.19-30
  3. Philippians 2.1-11
  4. Philippians 2.12-15               Daily Spiritual Evaluation Worksheet
  5. Philippians 2.16-30; Psalm 2
  6. Philippians 3
  7. Philippians 4, Psalm 3
  8. Mark 1.1-20
  9. Mark 1.21-45; Psalm 4
  10. Mark 2
  11. Mark 3.1-21; Psalm 5
  12. Mark 3.22-4.9
  13. Mark 4.10-41; Proverbs 1
  14. Mark 5.1-20

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