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  • You Matter!!

    To whoever needs this tonight. I am weary too, my friend. Don’t let these posts ever fool you… I solicited my best friend to assist in GO [she doesn’t want any recognition so just pray for GO leaders if you pray for us], while I “recover” (it’s still progress, just feels oh so slow). Keep […]


  • Grounded in Faith

    What does it mean to be grounded in faith? Christian journal app Right now, I think of two sets of Scriptures. One of which is Daniel 1:21. Daniel remained where the God of the Universe placed him. “This is how Daniel came to serve the royal court, a position he safely held until the first year of King Cyrus when […]

  • What is Your Mission?

    What is your mission? For Gracefully Overcoming, my goal is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and the Bible with those who are hurting. Lately, I am finding myself in that desperate seat of needing to be ministered to. Since before Christmas, I have experienced a slew of different things – which keeps […]

  • Cunning Versus Contentment

    Right now, commercials do whatever they can to cunningly bring us back to the Garden of Eden where all our discontentment began in the first place. While we could buy into the lie that we need more stuff, we need to remember the words God gave Paul in Philippians 4. But before we go there, […]

  • Fumble Like A Football

    Today, my reply to someone, a stranger, was “anything for you,” instead of “anytime” or “God bless you”. Why am I telling you this? The thing about our Mighty God is how He knows our hearts, and what we meant to say, and He sees we want to obey Him with all of our lives. […]