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  • Losing Or Loving?

    We all have loved and lost, as we go through our lives. The question to ask ourselves is – “How do we respond to the loss and still love?” Rather, it is somewhat of the query I have contemplated these last several months. I don’t have this amazing blanketed answer, solving all of our earthly […]


  • Trust Habits #8

    Trust Habits #8

    Last week, I spoke about growing in consistently spending time with the Lord. This is such an important aspect in developing trust and intimacy in my relationship with Jesus Christ. If I want to see my relationship with our sweet Savior Jesus to experience growth, then, quality time with Him is a must. I don’t […]

  • Trust Habits #7

    Trust Habits #7

    I have been thinking on my inconsistency, regarding certain blog led Bible studies I have conducted over the years. And one day, I want to go back and *complete* the series I once begun. Normally my Summer season is where it becomes increasingly difficult for me to sit, study, and write. It becomes difficult for […]

  • Trust Habit #6

    Trust Habit #6

    Welcome, my friends, to our sixth installment for our “Trust Habits” series! A trust habit is anything that will build up my trust and intimacy in my relationship with my heavenly Father. Be still, and know that I am God! Psalm 46:10a, New Living Translation Lately, I have been finding myself positioning toward a “meditation […]

  • Trust Habits #5

    Trust Habits #5

    A trust habit is anything that causes us to have greater intimacy and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. Things have been challenging on my end. There has just been so much going on. Sometimes, we enter seasons of life that is like this. In this place, we learn how much we truly will trust […]