Desperate Cry

While I may not remember what it is that I am reading, I am trusting the Lord God that His Word still is getting into my spirit – and changing me from the inside-out. Even though I couldn’t tell you word for word Psalm 142:1-2 is about, I do know this chapter is about desperately…… Continue reading Desperate Cry

A Struggling Woman’s Great Faith

Today has been a “roughed up” health day, but I am finding much comfort through one woman’s story. She was a woman who didn’t grow up exposed to God’s law (but likely worshiped many other gods),  but she was coming to know Him – in faith. Her daughter’s suffering would be the one thing leading…… Continue reading A Struggling Woman’s Great Faith

The Gift of Prayer

In this world, we will face hurt. We aren’t exempt from hurt or pain, but we are promised a Healer. His name is Jesus, the Christ! And we have a blessed gift that none can take from us, as believers in Christ Jesus: the gift of communicating with God through prayer. Jesus is our mediator…… Continue reading The Gift of Prayer

Prayer: of Protection

Lord, I need Your protection. I know there are attacks underway. I know You as my Comforter and the One who gives me what I need when I need it. Please, make Yourself known to me as the Protector. The One who watches over my life, and keeps harm from my path. Protect me from…… Continue reading Prayer: of Protection

Prayer: Wash Over My Wounds

“Lord, please touch me and wash over my wounds with Your Word. I need healing, and only You can give it to me. I ask these things in Jesus’ precious name, Amen.” He heals the brokenhearted, and bandages their wounds . – Psalm 147:3 (emphasis mine) The Message shares Ephesians 5:25b – 27 wonderfully: “Christ’s…… Continue reading Prayer: Wash Over My Wounds