Just Come!

Our lives can be consumed by pain or chronic illness. When we are in these rough places of intense symptoms (or pain), it can be quite difficult to think of anything else. I am in this place tonight, well last few days – to be honest. It is in these moments, that we need to…… Continue reading Just Come!

My Heart: “Erm, Sorry. Did I Say That Aloud?”

I think, the title says it all. Doesn’t it? I often say things without thinking. It’s not intentional, but tonight was one of those nights – where “it slipped”. When you stand up and state “I haven’t been to service in roughly a year,” how many folks will take notice of such a statement and…… Continue reading My Heart: “Erm, Sorry. Did I Say That Aloud?”

Broken, Yet He Calls Me

I feel like I could go back and forth in my thoughts on all the ways I am unworthy. Not only about how unworthy I am, also about how God shouldn’t have to deal with my mess. I feel like I could go back and forth arguing with God about how it’s too messy. Telling…… Continue reading Broken, Yet He Calls Me

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Mid-Day Conversation

I wonder what would happen if I could literally hear my Creator and God conversing with the Devil about me. Imagine, based on knowing God and His love for me through His Word, it would go something like this: Yahweh (God): “Have you considered my servant, Stacey?” Satan (the accuser): (laughs) “HER? Oh come on, you gotta…… Continue reading Mid-Day Conversation